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 The Top 15 Rated Players in EA Sports NCAA Football ’14

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PostSubject: The Top 15 Rated Players in EA Sports NCAA Football ’14   6/11/2013, 6:32 pm

1) 99 OVR – Jadeveon Clowney DE#7 – South Carolina – JR
No surprise here as Clowney is a physical freak of nature. If the ratings scale in NCAA 14 went up to 110, Clowney would be a 11o OVR. Elite athleticism and a strong, lean frame are things that keep offensive line coaches awake at night. While he certainly was effective as a power rusher, his forte is finesse moves and is quicker than most elite linemen in the NCAA. If you haven’t seen his high school highlight tape, it’s a must watch and definitely explains his extremely high Speed rating (85). 99 Hit Power ensures that he will be knocking plenty of helmets off. 83 Block Shedding and 96 Pursuit means that no ball carrier escapes. A sure top pick in next year’s NFL draft, Jadeveon is poised for a huge year.

2) 97 OVR – Johnny Manziel QB#2 – Texas A&M – SO(RS)
Only a freak of nature can beat out the reigning Heisman winner as Johnny Football is set to add to his all-world performance during his freshmen campaign. It is hard to quantify just what makes Johnny so special and the ratings system likely won’t do a great job at it. However, the combination of 91 Speed, 95 Acceleration and 93 Agility will make him one of the most explosive players in the game. A 91 Elusiveness and 91 Juke Move rating makes him hard to bring down and should result in the signature big gains we have come to expect from Johnny. Add on a more than adequate arm rating (90 Throw Power and 89 Throw Accuracy) make him the most dangerous offensive threat in the game. Can Johnny be the second two-time Heisman Trophy winner? It’s not hard to imagine the possibility with these ratings.

3)Oregon’s dynamic offensive attack has always revolved around superior athletes and lots and lots of speed. De’anthony Thomas takes this to another level and serves as the epitome of a home-run hitter. 98 Speed makes him the second faster player in the game (next to only one of the top junior athletes in the world) and 99 Acceleration allows him to take complete advantage of the new acceleration burst mechanic. Elite foot skills make him very tough to tackle in the open field and with 98 Elusiveness, 98 Juke Move and 97 Spin Move expect defenders to be out on the field after the game looking for their cleats.

4) 97 OVR – A.J. McCarron QB#10 – Alabama – SR(RS)
As impressive as Nick Saban’s Alabama teams have been the past several years, McCarron has been a big part of their success recently with his elite game management skills, which presumably will only improve in his Senior year. Users who select to play with Alabama will have plenty of weapons around them and should elect to keep McCarron in the pocket as much as possible. While he can get you that few feet you may need for a first down, his 95 THA is the best in the game and should be used to shred defenses to pieces. Alabama’s traditionally strong running games are the perfect marriage for a play action QB like McCarron and will be even more devastating to defenses if you have unlocked the ‘Setup Artist’ coach skill.

5) 97 OVR – Marqise Lee WR#9 – USC – JR
Although USC struggled behind the collapse of their once reliable QB Matt Barkley, it didn’t stop Marqise Lee from going bananas every week to the tune of 1700+ yards last season. He may be the quintessential playmaker in college football. Touting the best hands in the game (95 Catching, 93 Catch-in-Traffic and 90 Spectacular Catch), Lee is as sure-handed as they come. Excellent athleticism and 91 Route Running will almost ensure he will be open all the time. As long as there is a QB who can get him the ball, Lee should have another big year.

6) 97 OVR – C.J. Mosley MLB#32 – Alabama – SR
Logging over 100 tackles last year, Mosley was a huge reason Alabama’s defense was so stingy. Mosley uses his athleticism to make plays all over the field and does a great job of disengaging (83 Block Shed) and getting to the ball carrier (87 Pursuit, 86 Play Recognition, 94 Awareness). A lot of the same attributes also make him a very good pass rusher (85 Power Move, 90 Finesse Move). Mosley is an elite linebacker and should help anchor another top 5 defensive unit again this year.

7) 96 OVR – Braxton Miller QB#5 – Ohio State – JR
Ohio State was in an unfortunate situation last year after playing so well and not being able to compete in a bowl game due to an NCAA suspension. However, with the current state of the B1G conference in full tilt, Braxton Miller is set to repeat his stellar performance from a year ago. One of the top dual-threat QBs in the country, Miller is a very good passer (91 Throw Power, 84 Throw Accuracy) with excellent legs under him. Urben Meyer’s open offense will make another step-change this year and allow Braxton to get into space where he will win a lot of those battles (83 Elusiveness, 81 Break Tackle).

Cool 96 OVR – Teddy Bridgewater QB#5 – Louisville – JR
It’s almost undeniable, when he is healthy, Teddy Bridgewater is one of the most exciting players to watch in college football. While he is more quick (84 Acceleration, 89 Agility) than fast (80 Speed), he is strong in the pocket and avoids the pass rush well. Teddy’s arm is very strong (93 Throw Power) and he doesn’t seem to lose a ton of placement (92 Throw Accuracy) when he reaches back to fire the ball.

9) 96 OVR – Jake Matthews LT#75 – Texas A&M – SR
Ascending from a large family full of professional football players, Jake brings a versatility to the table that have him projected all over the place at the next level. He could easily be a top 5 pick next year after moving to the left side to protect Texas A&M’s perennial QB for NCAA ’14. An elite run blocker (94 Run Block) Jake has great feet for a big guy (67 Agility) and is very explosive off the LOS (83 Acceleration). He gets good leverage and has no problem moving big SEC defenders out of the way (97 Strength).

10) 96 OVR – Aaron Murray QB#11 – Georgia – SR(RS)
Georgia is very fortunate to have Murray back to start his 4th year as it is becoming more and more rare to have a guy stick around at a top program for that long. Much like McCarron, Murray is much better suited for the pocket with one of the strongest arms in the game (95 Throw Power). His three years of starting experience land him one of the highest awareness ratings for a QB (91) as well. While Murray doesn’t move well, his accuracy will keep defenses from blitzing him excessively as he should easily be able to hit vacated zones in the defense with his 90 Throw Accuracy.

11) 96 OVR – Taylor Lewan LT#77 – Michigan – SR(RS)
In a land full of big, nasty offensive linemen, Lewan stands out among the pack. Michigan has a huge advantage up front with one of the best run blockers (93) and pass blockers (94) in the game. Coupled with his 94 Impact Block and 95 Strength, Lewan should be able to punish pass rushers attempting to make their way past him.

12) 95 OVR – Tahj Boyd QB#10 – Clemson – SR(RS)
Clemson will again be one of the most exciting teams to play with in NCAA ’14 with two offensive players in the top 15. Obviously when you talk about offense, you need to talk about the QB and Clemson has a good one. Tahj Boyd has a very strong arm (94 Throw Power) and can get up the field quickly (82 Speed, 84 Acceleration). While he doesn’t make a lot of people miss, he is one of the strongest QBs in the game (74 Strength), which should allow him to shed some defenders while still standing in the pocket.

13) 95 OVR – Sammy Watkins WR#2 – Clemson – JR
After a breakout freshmen year, Sammy Watkins only had a decent year during his sophomore campaign. Of course, that’s only relative to Sammy Watkins’ standards. Watkins is one of the most dynamic athletes in all of college football. He is electric in the open field (94 Elusiveness, 83 Juke Move) and has become known as one of the premier vertical threats in the game (97 Speed). What really makes Sammy special is his ability to attack the ball in the air (88 Catching, 92 Catch in Traffic, and 94 Jumping) which have led to many signature grabs in his young career (94 Spectacular Catch).

14) 95 OVR – Denicos Allen ROLB#28 – Michigan State – SR(RS)
Probably a bit of a shocker that he is rated so highly in the game, but he has been productive over his career. The senior seems to always be in the right place at the right time (88 Play recognition, 94 Awareness) and can get to the quarterback (94 Finesse Moves) in pass rushing situations.

15) 94 OVR – Ka’Deem Carey HB#25 – Arizona – JR
The reigning rushing champ in college football gets some love in the game with a very respectable rating set. He will hang on to the ball (88 Carry) and has made a living in the open field with making tacklers miss (89 Juke Move, 84 Spin Move, 87 Elusiveness). What will make Carey a fan favorite to play with in NCAA ’14 is his 96 Acceleration rating. If you are playing against him, look for him to be patient and explode through the holes with a 91 Ball Carrier Vision.

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The Top 15 Rated Players in EA Sports NCAA Football ’14
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